Winter Snowman Poem for PuppetsPosted by Suzanne, on December 12th, 2009

This winter season, I am drawn to snow poems, probably because Colorado has had so much snow this fall…Here is an old verse…I will have to call it’s author ‘anonymous’ – if you know who wrote it please let me know.

The Snowman

Once there was a snowman,
Stood outside the door,
Thought he’d like to come inside
And play about the floor:
Thought he’d like to warm himself
By the firelight red:
Thought he”d like to climb up
In the big white bed.

So he called the North Wind:
‘Help me now, I pray,
I’m completely frozen
Standing here all day!’
So the North Wind came along,
And blew him in the door,
Now there’s nothing left of him
But a puddle on the floor.

Here is a link to the snowman’s owner – a kit is for sale there!