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Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts

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Dear Puppetry Friends,

The New Certificate Puppetry Training Series begins July 2016.  the dates are as follows:

July 11-22 2016

Monthly one on one Mentoring through the year

July 2017 similar dates as 2016

2016/17 Location: Boulder CO

The 3 focus themes are:

  1. Pedagogical puppetry with an early childhood focus
  2. Therapeutic puppetry – How we can use puppetry to bring about healing and transformation.
  3. Artistic/performance in puppet theater– concentrating on archetypes of movement and gesture in the healing art of the marionettes and fairy tales.

The three themes weave together throughout the concentrated one-year course.  It has the healing possibilities at the forefront.   The artistic is a fundamental part of it being meaningful.

This is a serious intensive training working with the inner transformative  elements that are our guides in the awakening of the ensoulment process in puppetry.  How do we begin to meaningfully enliven the puppet with truth in gesture, soul warmth, and archetype inspired movement?

This course welcomes those ready to work inwardly and outwardly with joy, enthusiasm, and will.  There is a full year commitment. The process of unfolding the artistic and therapeutic ability is a time process and requires practicing the skills during the months in between our training sessions.  Each participant designs a puppet project that is suited to their life situation and interests.  It allows for a practice and deepening of the puppet training. Monthly one on one mentoring will support and guide you with your puppet practice and project through the year.  When participants do this, the steps forward in depth of skill and healing quality is profound.


We will explore the fundamentals of enlivening simple puppets with artistry and healing qualities.  There is an early childhood focus, working with many types of puppets and presentation approaches most suitable for this age.  We will work on storytelling voice, music and puppetry, puppet making, movement, gesture, staging, and story writing.  We will explore presenting puppet plays with finger puppets, wool roving and felt table puppets, the amazing rod puppet, and the story apron.  Stories, poems, and songs suitable for this age will be looked at, as well as the wisdom of the nursery rhyme.

Therapeutic Puppetry

We will be going deeper into the understanding of the therapeutic aspects of the human being through the wisdom of the four poles of humanness, the four virtues of puppetry, the 12 senses, particularly the sense of touch, life, movement, balance, and warmth, and how this can guide us and inspire the exploration of our therapeutic puppetry.  We will work with the Rod Puppet – the heart puppet, as well as review all puppet types in a therapeutic light.  This concentration strengthens and deepens the transfer of the puppeteer’s inner imagination of soul archetype into and around the puppet.


We will work on the performance and artistic process from beginning to end, focusing on the fairy tales and the marionette.  We will work deeply with the archetypes, which enliven the marionettes movements and gesture with meaning – physical activities, age, character, soul moods, temperaments, culture, etc.  These guide us in the process of ensouling the puppets in a healthy way.  We will work with storytelling, story ritual, staging, color, music, simple lighting.  We will dye silk in a multicolor method and make a 5-string marionette for an all age audience.

Visioning the directions to take your puppetry, expanding goals and possibilities, and the practical business aspects of puppetry such as creating flyers, brochures, proposal writing, grant sources, etc. is worked with throughout the training. 

Course fee for the year is $3500., which includes all puppet/story resources and puppet making materials provided to participants.  You only need to bring scissors and a sewing kit. 

Payments are to be made with post-dated checks made payable to Suzanne Down.  Individual Monthly Payment plans may be worked out with me.

$350. non-refundable deposit with acceptance. 

Enclosed is the application form.  Please contact me with any questions!


Suzanne Down

Director Juniper Tree



720 438-8344

BIO: Suzanne Down is founder and director of Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts, which offers a one year part time certificate puppetry training, regional puppetry conferences, professional development and community workshops, and performance internationally.  She has taught puppetry at Emerson College, Antioch College, Sunbridge College, Rudolf Steiner College, Rudolf Steiner Institute, Lifeways North America, Sophia’s Hearth, Magical Years conferences, the Creative Human spirit conference, and in many more adult teacher training centers and Waldorf School communities.  She was co-founder and co-chair of NAARPA, the healing arts puppetry association in North America, and is on the education committee of the Puppeteers of America. 

‘A Year of Writing’ Program, Walkabout Tales – writing stories for children inspired by nature is under the umbrella of Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts.  Currently there are ongoing writing programs based in San Francisco, and one in Boulder, CO. 

Suzanne has written seven puppetry and story resource books, with several more in the works. 

Suzanne travels internationally extensively throughout the year bringing her experience and belief in puppetry as a healing art to many teachers, therapists, parents, and children.

Application Form

for Juniper Tree School of Storytelling and Puppetry Arts

One-Year Part Time Certificate Puppetry Training 2016/17

Please note: This application is entirely confidential



Phone and email______________________________________________________

(please answer the following on a separate paper)

  1. What is your puppetry experience?  Serious beginners to experienced puppeteers are welcome to apply
  1. Are you currently on a spiritual path?  Can you imagine puppetry as a support to your spiritual path?
  1. Do you have a history of health problems? Physiological or emotional, please explain. 
  1. Are you a positive person (check one) __very much,  __average,  __ an area I need to work on.
  1. Are you happy with your life or looking for a meaningful change?  If so, what direction of change do you seek?
  1. What draws you to do a serious puppetry training?  What are you most interested in learning in this training? 
  1. How do you see using it in your life and work?
  1. Name 3 personal and 3 professional references and phone #s



3. Please include an outline of your study and work experience with this application.

Please send this completed application as soon as you can.  Numbers are limited in these courses.  Upon acceptance, there is a $350. non-refundable payment to guarantee and hold your spot (of course this goes toward the course cost).  Make checks payable to Suzanne Down

Mail to:

Suzanne Down

1604 Whitehall Dr

Longmont, CO


  suzannedown@gmail.com       www.junipertreepuppets.com

720 438-8344