A Jolly Easter Story Poem for ECEPosted by Suzanne, on March 27th, 2014

The Easter Bunny’s Surprise

a  story poem for young children


Story Thoughts – 

This is a little story poem with sweet good humor.
Who doesn’t wonder where the colored eggs come from?
And what delight that help comes from the chickens
themselves, with a little magic for the day.

I use needle felted chickens and roosters, and the colored
eggs can be wet felted over tiny stones, or molded from colored
beeswax – both can be made by the children.

This makes a ‘cute as can be’ puppet show for the
children… they can participate and all be roosters
and chickens.  It is important for children to be supported
to put on puppet stories, and this is a fun and easy
tale for them to help you do.  Enjoy

 An Easter Story Poem
suggested for a simple puppet show

This story poem is from our Spring Tales book

Click here for book information:

The Easter Bunny’s Surprise

It was the night before Easter,

When all through the town,

The children were all sleeping,

But the rabbit gave a frown.

“There are no eggs, no eggs at all,

What will I do? Please roosters call!”

‘Cock-a -doodle doo
Cock-a doodle dee
Easter needs help, all hens, come see!’

The chickens heard, “oh sad, sad day,

We will have to lay, lay, lay.”

So many chickens gathered around,

To lay their eggs on hay covered ground.

“Cluck,” said the chickens, “cluck cluck cluck cluck”

“Oh,” said the rabbit, “we’re having good luck!”

For the eggs in the nests

Were certainly blessed,

With colors of the rainbow,

Red, yellow, green, blue,

And a pink one too!

The rabbit laughed and hopped away,

To bring the eggs for Easter day!

The End


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