‘A Year of Writing’ Program – Walkabout Tales – all welcome from near and farPosted by Suzanne Down, on November 27th, 2015

A NEW Writing for Children Course 2017/2018

‘A Year of Writing’ Program

Walkabout Tales – Writing Children’s Stories Inspired By Nature

Begins August 5-8 2017 Boulder, CO


Here is how it works!

* We meet 4 days for 2 summers  ( 2017 and 2018)  to practice the art of walking in beautiful and diverse nature as a meditation, with specific writing exercises living in us.  We write, we observe, we invite the muse, we create stories, we share, we edit, we practice our storytelling, we celebrate!

* We look into how to get our work published.  We practice writing query letters to editors.  We explore where to send them.

For the 10 months in between, we have individual and group mentoring via email and phone.  Monthly writing assignments, editing support, new ideas, story writing sparks, seasonal suggestions to ponder, publishing encouragement and guides, and good hearted cheerleading on all counts will help you define and reach your writing goals and improve your writing over time.

*each summer when we meet in person, we will spend time walking in nature, observing through our senses, and writing, guided by writing exercises.  We will share our writing practice with each other through reading of our works in progress.

At the end of one year you will have many wonderful stories written and edited.  We will choose our best work and compile them in a ‘Walkabout Tales’ Journal.    Some of you may become published through the year.  All of you will have shared your work in different ways with your community and beyond.

Join Us For This Year of Creative Renewal!!


Contact Suzanne Down – suzannedown@gmail.com for further information about the program or about registering for the course.

The cost for the year long program is $2000.  There is a $375. non-refundable registration fee (which goes toward the year fee)

Payment Plans are always available

It is possible that you will be paying for the program with your published work from the year!