The Juniper Tree Puppets Mission

Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts has been a center for artistic, therapeutic, and early childhood puppetry and story arts for 30 years. We are interested in the art and archetype, the magic and meaning, the wisdom and healing of story and ensouled puppetry.

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Suzanne Down Puppeteer and Speaker

Suzanne Down has been longtime director/founder of Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts, now based in Colorado. The focus of the school is the 3 year part-time summer certificate puppetry training highlighting the weavings of pedagogical, artistic, and therapeutic aspects of puppetry.

More About Juniper Tree Puppets

We are interested in the magic, the wisdom, and healing of story and enlivened puppetry for children. We have trained many teachers, therapists, speech pathologists, children’s librarians, parents, storytellers, and puppeteers to gain a depth of understanding and confidence in the practical and artistic puppetry arts skills.

This site lists information on the Certificate Training in Puppet Theater and Story Arts, which is the heart and foundation of our school. We also have year round events, courses, regional conferences, and our Summer Institute offering in-depth courses for teacher professional development. Story and Puppetry resources are available to you through our books on puppet theater and seasonal story, our monthly story newsletter, and our Juniper Tree Puppets Blog.

We also see puppetry and story as powerful tools to create and support change in the world. We have developed the 'Puppets for World Change Project' as a social initiative in the certificate-training program. Some of the social workings are:

The International Puppets for Peace Day
The Hope Puppet Project
The Mother Earth Puppet Project, and the Greening of Story Initiative
Puppets Against Hunger Project

Juniper Tree Workshops