Announcing Regional Part-Time Puppetry TrainingPosted by Suzanne, on August 15th, 2010

Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts

Dear Regional Early Childhood Friends,

I am happy to announce I will be offering a 6 weekend school year (Sat. 9-4, sun. 9-1) puppetry training in Boulder, CO.  This will be the equivalent of Part one of the 3 part Certificate Puppetry Training. It is the pedagogical, early childhood focus of the training.

The 6 weekends will be held once a month form Jan. to June 2011. This is a training commitment, not a drop-in program.

Dates are: Jan. 15/16 – Feb. 26/27 – March 26/27 – April 9/10 – May 28/29 – June 18/19

Here is a peek at what we will delve into! Part one focus: Pedagogical Puppetry We will explore the fundamentals of enlivening simple puppets with artistry and healing qualities. There is an early childhood focus, working with many types of puppets and presentation approaches most suitable for this age. We will work on enlivening our storytelling voice, music and puppetry, story writing, puppet making, enlivening storytelling, gesture, staging. The wisdom that will inspire this work are the archetypes! We will explore presenting puppet plays with finger puppets, wool roving and felt table puppets,  small rod puppets, children’s marionettes, and the story apron. Stories, poems, and songs suitable for this age will be looked at, as well as the wisdom of the nursery rhyme. We will look at ways to expand puppet work into the grades and high school if participants are interested. I always include time for ‘how to get our work out there’, with some goal setting, proposal writing, flyer designing, etc.

You will have practice time in between each session to go deeper with the weekend themes. Sharing your practice projects with the group is wonderful for everyone. I will need a minimum number of enthusiastic participants to do this school year training. Please share this with your colleagues who might be interested. Email me at <> for complete information package with application and payment options. I hope a group will arise, I am looking forward to sharing with you! best wishes, Suzanne Down 720 438-8344 Suzanne Down Founder/Director Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts Sign up for our free monthly story newsletter online