Thoughts on The Healing Arts of Nursery RhymesPosted by Suzanne, on November 3rd, 2009

Preparing for the upcoming Boulder CO course on speech development in young children on Nov 12-14, I remembered this article from my website. I also encourage you to work with the finger puppets with new thinking and beautiful imaginations wrapped around them. My finger puppet book is so useful to delight children, and now I am seeing even more meaningful with the understanding of how the fingers connect to the speech/language center of the grain. Did you know that deaf children who use sign language (hands/finger talk) follow the same developmental patterns in acquiring their language as children who speak. While you are on my site with this article, check out the book page and read about the art of the finger puppet.

The healing art of nursery rhymes

Here I am with my nursery rhyme character wee willie winkie, a favorite rod puppet, who has delighted many many children and adults alike. By the way, he is using a finger puppet too!