Color and Light Puppetry – with photosPosted by Suzanne, on April 12th, 2010

I just finished a professional development 5 day course on Color and Light Puppet Theater, illuminated color shadow theater, where the eye and soul experience color landscapes and characters in movement and gesture.  This therapeutic artistic approach opens the soul to the healing effects of color story in a delightful and meaningful way.  We  explored this medium in a practical and purposeful way, looking at the significance of color  mood for the human soul, and then we created story worlds of color in motion!

The goal was to create a color landscape with layers of tissue paper colors to give depth and interest, one where the eye could flow into the color world.  Characters were then made to move in the color world of a back lighted shadow puppet theater and tell a tale.  Here are just a few of the photos from the week…. remember that these are fixed photos, and the puppet characters are moving to the story being spoken….

I will be offering this course again in the future…we as human beings are a soul rainbow….

to see other upcoming professional development weeks click here, and here is details on a summer program on solo marionette theater that will also immerse us in colors!

getting started in planning the color landscape

using natural  window light to imagine the effect of light on the layers


creating the layers of the sea

a world with bunny borough below and grass above
land of wee willie winkie
story of sweet porridge…above the forest, below the warm inviting home
the owl and the pussycat went to sea….
close up  of sweet porridge with mother and the magic cooking pot