Country Mouse’s Thanksgiving StoryPosted by Suzanne, on November 7th, 2012

The Country Mouse’s Thanksgiving

Across the hills and in the valley by a large pond lived a kind

farmer.  It was harvest time, and the thoughtful farmer always 

left food in the fields for the animals.  A little grey-brown mouse lived 

under the yellow shelf in the root cellar, with plenty of room in his

house for storing good food for the long winter.

Every day now Mouse went to the fields to gather the kind gifts from

farmer.  There were corn kernals, small potatoes, outer leaves of

cabbages, and so much more.  In the orchard there were also

many apples, pears, and plums that were still on the ground.

It was a great harvest for Mouse.  In fact his cozy room became full

of food for winter.  This year there was more than the mouse needed,

and he decided to invite his meadow and forest friends for a country

Thanksgiving Harvest Soup.  For mouse was indeed grateful to the

farmer for providing so much food to eat.  Mouse knew how many 

animals would be hungry by mid-winter.

Mouse talked to his friend Sparrow about his plan, and Sparrow  

flew here and there inviting the friends to the Harvest soup.  He first

flew to Frog who said, ‘oh yes what fun, we can  celebrate on the flat

stone in the pond.  There is a log bridge right to the big flat stone,

and from there we can see the harvest moon rise

in the sky.’  Frog said he could bring some wild onions to add to the soup.  

There were still some growing by the pond.

Sparrow then flew to Little Brown Bunny  who was delighted with the idea,

and said he would gladly bring carrots to add to the soup.  The last stop was

Gold Finch’s nest, and she fluttered her wings and said,  ‘oh Sparrow,

you and I can bring lots of  tasty sunflower seeds!’

And so the friends planned their Thanksgiving feast. Mouse started

cooking the soup.  How good it smelled.

Barn Cat was hiding nearby, and heard them planning.  ‘Yummm’, he

thought, ‘what a tasty meal I will have, I will sneak up on them and pounce!’

Evening came and the friends set up their Thanksgiving meal 

on the flat rock in the pond.  Mouse and Little Brown Bunny pulled 

the soup on a little cart carefully, carefully over the log bridge.

It was a little slippery!  The sunset colors danced on the water.

They ate the delicious soup, sang songs, danced, and had so much

fun together.

They did not see Cat hiding in the reeds by the log.  He started silently

creeping over the log.  It was getting darker and he went very slowly.

Closer and closer he got.  ‘Mmmm mouse and bird will make a fine

Thanksgiving dinner for ME!  Now that they have eaten their soup

they will be all the tastier.’

It just so happened that  Frog decided to have a little swim, right then,

and he turned around just in time to see Cat closing in!  

SPLASH, he jumped in the water, spraying water all over cat! 

Cat stopped to shake, shake his fur! 

Mouse squeeked, Bunny thumped, and they both hid behind the soup pot! 

Sparrow and Goldfinch started to squawk and flutter and dive at Cat….

peck peck peck they went, up and down, up and down, 

pecking at Cat!

 It was so dark by now and the birds were so quick that Cat could not

stop them, and he got so off balance that he fell off the log

right into the pond!

‘Meow, meow, meow’, Cat called out as he scrambled as best he

could onto the shore, and ran lickety split back to the barn.  He went

right to the hay bales and hid himself there, to lick his fur and

recover from all the fright.

Back on the flat stone, Frog and Mouse, Gold Finch, Sparrow, and

Little Brown Bunny said ‘WHEW!  that was a close call!’  

But nothing was going to ruin their Thanksgiving party.  

They sat on the edge of the flat stone and watched as the

Harvest Moon rose in the sky.

‘Look, said Mouse, ‘Moon has a friend tonight’, and they saw the

moon’s reflection in the pond.  Mouse started to sing, and the other

friends joined in.

‘Shine on shine on Harvest Moon up in the sky….’

They sang and sang and all agreed to have a Thanksgiving party each

and every year.

The End