Juniper Tree Puppets Events  2014

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Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts developed out of many years of outreach teaching. We offer a variety of workshops, professional development courses, and weekend events. The focus of the school is a one year, part-time, 3-part certificate training in Storytelling and Puppet Theater, with self designed practical practice projects to work on through the year after each of the three sessions.

  • 2o14 EVENTS ( booking now for 2015)

  • Keene NH – April 22-26 – Part 2 of Puppetry Training – Therapeutic focus
  • Milwaukee WI – May 8,9,10 – The Art of the Rod Puppet
  • Alaska Regional – June – 5 day course – Early Childhood Puppetry
  • June 28-July 10 NEW!! West Coast Puppetry Training Part 1

  • July 24 – August 5 – Keene NH – Puppetry Training Part 3 Marionette/Fairy Tale Focus

New 3-Part Certificate Puppetry Training Begins Summer 2014 on the West Coast – Location TBA

Taking applications for the next series of puppetry training.

Taking 2015 Bookings for:

The Mother Archetype and ‘Touched Into Being’ – a 4-5-day ECE Professional Development Course on this Healing Rod Puppet

This much requested workshop brings the depth of therapeutic early childhood insights in an artistic and practical way in support of the young child’s foundational senses, and overall development. We will explore the sense of touch as the ‘holder’ of the other foundational senses through the loving qualities of the Mother Archetype. We will create Mother and Baby Rod Puppets and learn how to visually inspire the inner goodness of the embrace, both soul-wise and physical from Mother to Child. We will develop their stories and present our sacred tales. Contact Suzanne for further information.

Fairy Tale Felting Festival for Teachers and Parents - 

Two days of felting – we enter the world of flat and 3 dimensional picture felting, first with the technique of Wet Felting Story Tapestries, and one where we focus on the art of dry felting – Needle Felting Fairy Tale Tapestries – Learn the craft of both of these felting methods!


Therapeutic Puppetry Tools of the Trade Workshop Events

Protection Stories

Language Development and Puppetry

The Art and Wisdom of the Worker Character in Story

Archetype in Story and Gesture – The Art of the Marionette and Fairy Tales