Juniper Tree Puppets Events

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Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts developed out of many years of outreach teaching. We offer a variety of workshops, professional development courses, and weekend events. The focus of the school is a one year, part-time, 4 week  certificate training in Storytelling and Puppet Theater, with mentoring and self designed practical practice projects to work on through the year after each of the two – 2-week sessions.


EVENTS – 2017/2018


Certificate Training in Puppetry and Story Arts

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  • We offer a serious training program which meets for 2 weeks, 2 consecutive summers (4 week total)  focusing on 3 key areas:
  • Pedagogical puppetry with an early childhood focus
  • Practical insights and therapeutic aspects of puppetry
  • Artistic presentation through silk marionette theater and fairy tales
  • Mentoring and practical projects in between the summers.
  • Next Puppetry Training  (21st) will begin summer 2018 in Boulder, Colorado

  • The Annual Practical and Delightful 5 DAY Puppet Boot Camp will be offered and enjoyed Summer 2017 In Boulder, CO
  • A New Program for ‘A Year of Writing’ – Walkabout Tales – writing children’s stories inspired by nature BEGINS Summer 2017 – a year long writing course – we meet for 4 days summer 2017 to inspire the year to come, and meet 4 days summer 2018 to celebrate our writing!  Monthly Writing Practice and Assignments, Individual Mentoring each month build the skills throughout the year.