Full Moon Fairy Ring TalePosted by Suzanne, on May 5th, 2012

A Full Moon Tale

Looking Through the Honey Jar

Here is a story inspired by a fairy ring that grew in our yard in British Columbia…. My children and my friends spent many a full moon night making wishes in the fairy ring….

Here is what wikipedia says about the mysterious and wonderful fairy ring phenomenon


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Story Theme –  Awakening Wonder

Whenever we can bring warm and joyful wonder to the
world around us, and share that with a child, we change
the soul of a child forever.

We must genuinely feel the wonder in our own inner life first,
and then it will clothe the story voice and story pictures with
authentic magic!

We had a fairy circle in our yard in British Columbia when my
children were growing up.  It was an amazing source of awe,
and anticipation even as they became teenagers!

Enjoy this wonder story

Story:  Looking Through the Honey Jar

Leilah Bee got her name because her grandmother raised
honeybees and her mother had grown up loving bees and
loving honey.

Leilah Bee always looked forward to visitng Grandma because
she had a big garden, a tree swing, bee hives, and a fairy circle in the
grass by the apple tree.  A fairy circle was a special place in the grass
where the grass became dark green where the little fairy feet danced.

Leilah Bee made a fairy house village in and around the roots of the
apple tree and waited and waited for full moon.  That is when the fairies
dance in the fairy ring all night!  That is the night Grandma lights candles
in the fairy ring and lets Leilah Bee put honey from her own beehives in
a shell to leave in the middle of the fairy circle for the fairies.

Grandma says fairies love flowers as much as the bees do, and they
especially like the honey from the bees of this garden!  That is why we
have a fairy ring in our yard.

On the morning of the full moon Grandma had a small jar of honey by
Leilah Bee’s breakfast plate.  “The world looks sweeter when you look
at it through a honey jar,” Grandma said.  Leilah Bee held the jar up
to her eye and looked through.  Sure enough, the whole kitchen was
golden and soft looking.

“You be on the lookout Leilah Bee; the fairies are getting ready for their
dance in the fairy circle tonight.  Maybe you will be lucky and see one
this full moon night”, said Grandma with a big smile on her face.

Leilah Bee spent the morning by the roots of the apple tree, making
more rooms in her fairy houses.  She kept a sharp eye out for early bird
fairies just in case!  And she sang a little made up song as she played.

‘Fairies dancing in a ring
I wonder if you also sing?
Round and round you swirl and twirl,
Have you ever danced with a girl?
Oh I wish I could play with you
Until the grass is full of dew.’

The sun was getting low in the sky.  Grandma
called Leilah Bee inside.  ‘It’s time to fill the honey shell’,
she said.  Leilah Bee took a big spoonful of honey from
Grandma’s honey pot.  It was golden, clear, and thick.
She filled the shell which was shaped like a bowl.  Then together
Grandma and Leilah Bee put it right in the very middle of the
fairy circle.

Grandma smiled and said, ‘Leilah Bee, the fairies will love this
honey! Let’s put the candles in the circle now.’  When they were
done, the sun had set and they watched the candlelight

‘Time for bed Leilah Bee.  Fairies won’t come while we are here.’
And Grandma and Leilah Bee went inside and got ready for bed.

Leilah Bee’s bed was right next to the window, and she could see
the fairy circle by the apple tree from her bed.  In her hand was the
little honey jar Grandma had given her at breakfast.  She whisper-sang
her fairy song…..

‘Fairies dancing in a ring
I wonder if you also sing?
Round and round you swirl and twirl,
Have you ever danced with a girl?
Oh I wish I could play with you,
Until the grass is full of dew’

Then she looked through the honey jar.  The night became
golden and warm.  The candlelight flickered through the
honey.  No, wait, was that candle flicker, or was that a fairy twirling!?

Leilah Bee looked all over the circle through the honey jar.
There were fairies dancing above each candle….
swirl and twirl, swirl and twirl….

When she looked without the honey jar, the fairies were gone.
She only saw the candles burning.  But when she looked through
the honey jar again, the fairies came back!  Swirl and twirl, swirl and twirl…

Leilah Bee watched and watched the fairy dance
for what seemed like a very long time. The next thing she knew,
she was just waking up in her bed and it was morning!

She jumped up and ran outside to the fairy circle.  Sure enough, all the
honey in the shell was gone!

‘They came Grandma, they came,’ Leilah Bee called out as she ran to
the kitchen to find Grandma!  Leilah Bee told grandma about seeing the
fairies dance when she looked through the honey jar, and that the honey in
the shell was gone!

Grandma smiled and said, ‘oh my little Leilah Bee, you are a lucky girl.
Once you see a fairy, you have magic in your heart and always will.
Yes, the world is sweeter when you look at it through a honey jar!’

‘Time for blueberry pancakes Leilah Bee.  Then we’ll gather up the
candles and shell and put them away til next full moon.’

The end

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