Grandmother Winter – puppets doing purposeful activities.Posted by Suzanne, on January 3rd, 2011

Here is Grandmother Winter who ‘sits and knits with her sticks’…..knitting snow blankets to cover the earth and keep the sleeping bulbs warm.  She is a beloved character for children, because she is kind and full of warm heart, even while she represents the cold of winter.  She is also meaningful to experience in her activity, in  her gesture of knitting with great care and interest, because it is a ‘doing’ activity.  Children love and need to witness real practical life actions.

I am giving a workshop at the February WECAN east coast early childhood conference in NY, on ‘Worker Characters in Story’ to support the conference theme of Movement.  I will also be giving puppet vignettes to highlight and make visible aspects of each keynotes talk.  You see, this is because we all need to witness the movement essence of even deep thought in a practical and artistic form in front of us.  When we watch ‘doing action’, we mirror the same physical movement in our muscles.

The opportunity to view real daily gestured work that echoes the deep rhythms of life is disappearing from childhood.  Worker characters, the baker, the farmer, the tailor, the woodcutter, the mother who sweeps, stirs the pot, milks the cow, feeds the chickens….are all archetypes of purpose which we want to keep alive, even if it is just in story pictures.

I will be offering a day long workshop on the Worker Character in Story this Feb. 22 in San Francisco.  Puppet making in included in all workshops.  For information and registration  for the California workshop contact suzanne.

Here is a link to an earlier post about the Worker Character….lots of puppet photos for you to enjoy.  click here

If your school or  community would like to have this workshop come to you, contact me to discuss easy ways to bring me to you!