Healing Story AlliancePosted by Suzanne, on December 9th, 2009

I am heading off to Vancouver Island for an annual therapeutic study retreat with fabulous and very wise women hailing from Hawaii to Colorado, and of course B.C.  We will be studying the Curative Course by Steiner, bringing our different questions and depths to it.  Many heads are way better than one!  I wanted to make sure you all know of the site listed below.

This is one of my favorite sites and story groups. The Healing Story alliance is a sub-group of the National Storytelling Network (also a great resource). This site is exciting because you see how many people are engaged in story as a healing path. There are an abundance of free stories to download, given in helpful themes. Though this is not a puppet site precisely, the puppet arts include story, and healing puppetry needs the healing stories. Enjoy this wonderful resource!


I will be offering several therapeutic puppetry courses this summer. Get on my story newsletter sign up list to keep up with events.

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