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ECE Story Newsletter and Event Updates for January 2014

In this IssueHappy New Year!!!
Announcements and Events
January Story – The Winter Garden

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King Winter from the Vancouver BC Workshop on Winter Tales

plus Needle-Felting Instructions for Making Old Gnome Table Puppet!
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New!!! Certificate Puppetry Training 2014/15
West Coast 
Location Santa Cruz, CA
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Our glorious current New Hampshire Training Group

January Event !!! Coming Soon

Santa Fe, New Mexico – Regional Conference
January 11-12 – The Wisdom of the Grandmother
Rod Puppet Creation, Gesture Manipulation, Storytelling
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 Events for Feb., March, April, May

Feb. 8-9 –  Spring Valley, NY – WECAN East Coast ECE Conference
Workshop Theme – The Amazing Story Egg
Mini Rod Puppet Theater
Puppet Vignettes on Main Stage

March 14-16 – Language – Building our Humanness
Speech Development and Puppetry –
A Lifeways California Retreat Workshop – FULL

March 29-30 – Tucson, AZ   Regional ECE Workshop
Therapeutic Puppetry Tool Box – Protection Stories
and the Sense of Well Being (Life) 
Open to All!

April 12-13 – Kelowna, BC  Regional ECE Workshop
Puppetry theme

April 22-26 – Keene, NH  Part 2 Certificate Puppetry Training
Therapeutic Theme – FULL

May 8-10 – Milwaukee WI – ECE Regional Workshop
The Wise Grandmother Rod Puppet – A Lifeways
Deepening Weekend – all welcome
Contact: Mary – email: lifewayschildcare@gmail.com

Planning Ahead Events Summer

June  – Alaska Regional ECE workshop
a 5 day immersion

June 28 – July 10    NEW Certificate Puppetry Training
Santa Cruz, CA –  Part 1 – Theme pedagogical puppetry

July  24 – August 5  –  Certificate Puppetry Training Part 3
Keene NH – FULL

theme  – Artistic Puppetry Fairy Tales and Marionette Theater

Contact suzanne@junipertreepuppets.com for information and registration.
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January Story – The Winter Garden

Imagine this little tale as a puppet play… I like creating surprise in my
puppet shows.  Here, the snow cave can be revealed from under a white
snowy landscape silk, already set up with little twinkle lights hidden
with white veiling, that can be turned on with a dimmer light.
How magical it will be for your  children!


King Winter went walking one day oh so cold,
He called to the snow clouds, so it is told.
Come snowflakes, come dancing down to the ground,
Tis time for the earth to not make a sound.
Your silence and calm, and peaceful white cheer,
Brings good will to all and welcomes the year!


It was early in the new year and the winds blew icy from
the north.  It was the coldest day of the winter.  King Winter went
walking through the falling snow across the land and he heard something.
It was sounds from the animals…

Yip, yIp called the Fox.
Thump, thump drummed Rabbit.
Tap, tap, tap, deer’s hoof on the frozen ground rang out in the cold air,
And brown bear’s tummy growled from his winter cave.
Squirrel chittered,
And Robin sang a sad song.

‘The animals are hungry’ thought King Winter.  ‘I know just what
to do.’  King Winter called to the old wise gnome who dwelt in winter’s
hidden garden below the earth.

Very soon, an old gnome came trudging through the snow.
‘Here I am dear King,’ said the old wise gnome.

‘The animals are hungry,’ King Winter said to his trusted old friend,
‘and there is a long cold winter ahead.  I need your help.’
‘Go to the deepest cavern of the earth where seeds are being
cared for until spring.  Go to your hidden winter-land garden, the earth’s
root cellar.  Make soup from roots and seeds and grains.  I will build a
shelter fit for a winter feast for the animals.’

Old wise gnome bowed and went to prepare food for the cold and
hungry forest creatures.

King Winter then called to the snow children to make a large,
sturdy snow cave big enough for the animals to find shelter
from the wind.

King winter brought candles to the cave to shine light and give

Gnome and his helpers were busy preparing food in the winter garden
beneath the ground, and when it was ready, they brought steaming
soup for all.

King Winter called to the animals, ‘come, come and feast and
warm yourselves dear forest friends.’

One by one the animals came to the welcoming snow cave.  Fox,
deer, rabbit, bear, squirrel, and robin too all came and ate the
good warming soup.

How grateful they were.

King Winter and the old wise gnome left piles of grain and seed
for them.  Enough to feed them until spring.

King Winter looked at the animals gathered in warmth,
safe shelter, with food and friendship.  He looked at the old wise
gnome and they nodded to each other.  Their work was done, it
was time for the old wise gnome to go back to the winter garden
and keep caring for the roots and seeds getting them ready for spring.
And King Winter walked on over the snowy land, unfolding winter
and caring for all.


King Winter went walking one day oh so cold,
He called to the snow clouds, so it is told.
Come snowflakes, come dancing down to the ground,
Tis time for the earth to not make a sound.
Your silence and calm, and peaceful white cheer,
Brings good will to all and welcomes the year!

The End

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