Juniper Tree Puppets Wishes All a Joyous HolidayPosted by Suzanne, on December 24th, 2009

The snow was falling in the wood
As all good Christmas Eve nights should
And scurrying along, a cold little mouse
Was searching for a warm winter house.
The snow shone brightly to light his way
An Angel above was heard to say,
Dear Mother Earth’s child, dig low, dig low.
And the mousey burroughed  in the deepest snow.
Down to the roots of  the tall pine tree,
And there t’was a cozy wee room, you see.
So mousey curled up in his new warm nest,
And said dear angel, may all be blessed.
Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep,
And the world was quiet, shhhhhh, not a peep.

snow mouse grass