Language’s Magic PowersPosted by Suzanne, on November 15th, 2009

I just finished a retreat on early childhood held in the Rocky Mountains above Boulder, CO. We looked at how we can bring consciousness to our language….and help support speech development in children…Joseph Chilton Pearce calls this ‘lifted language’….different from our everyday speech. He says ‘language builds the brain, but lifted language, as in storytelling, builds that part of the brain where our moral capacity and creative thinking comes from’. Makes me think of Einstein who said, to support a child’s intelligence read them fairy tales, when asked what else to do to support intelligence, he said, read them more fairy tales…..

We went around the circle and listened to all the different languages (aside from English) people had grown up with…and really listened to the quality of consonsant rhythm, etc. We had Korean, German, French, Spanish, Farsi, and Lakota. It was fascinating and beautiful….how we are so different in our mother tongue, but united in the form of the consonant and vowel….Language’s magic powers.

Here is a pic of the beautiful nursery rhyme lap puppet our Lakota teacher made. She is the 5th generaton Lakota storyteller, and the first female storyteller in her family. Lucky kindergarten children on the Pine Ridge reservation!