Little SquirrelPosted by Suzanne, on September 18th, 2009

I have been watching a bunch of newborn ground squirrels, truly newborn with wobbly legs. They explore the area with seemingly little if any fear. Mother squirrel has her hands full keeping them safe from hawks and the many predators of Arizona. SO of course this makes me think of story and how story can be created to make children feel safe again and again. In my collection of Story Vessels that can be used in these Protection Stories, I had never thought of a hole in the ground as a perfect ‘vessel’ to provide safe shelter. This opens up the imagination to many stories of animals in their burrows….I am sure Mother Earth will be part of these tales that are brewing. What other characters find their shelter in the ground? Rabbits, prairie dogs, snakes, mice, ants, coyote, fox, bulb and seed, and root…How amazing to think that we humans walk on the sacred ground of Mother Earth’s safe and bountiful haven.