New England 5 Day course June 2012 – The Mother Rod PuppetPosted by Suzanne, on March 6th, 2012

The Mother Archetype – Touched into Being

The Healing of the Mother and Baby Rod Puppet

A 5-day Professional Development Week for ECE

Keene, NH                          June 26-30 2012

Join us for 5 days of early childhood professional development where we focus on The Mother Archetype and the sense of Touch/Warmth/Life, and it’s meaning for our children.  We will develop beautiful and meaningful Mother Rod Puppets and Babies, and delve into how to imbue them with  healing gestures and ensoul them with the therapeutic virtues of the soul’s power.  We will create stories that make our children feel safe in the mother’s arms, so they will trust the world around them and know that all is well in the kindgom.


This is the puppet the children have been waiting for!

contact for further details and registration.

cost for the week is $425 plus $50 materials

inexpensive housing is available  *  numbers are limited due to the the way I like to work.