New Kit ! – Swan Mama and Baby Swan Finger Puppet Story KitPosted by Suzanne, on May 1st, 2014

New Kit!!

Mama Swan and Baby Swan

Finger Puppet Story Kit


puppettraining swansFPAnkaDSC_0419

This unique and lovely kit comes with patterns and instructions for making a mama swan and baby swan finger puppet…

The baby swan can be held to look like¬†she is riding on mama swan’s back between her wings.

With the blue silk water as you can see above, this is a magical experience for the children.

The kit comes with strong sturdy wool felt which will make puppets that last for years and years and still look new.

You will also have a story poem written for puppetry, to move your puppets to.

You will only need a needle and thread.


$12.95 per kit

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