Protection Story Workshop with PhotosPosted by Suzanne, on March 28th, 2010

The Colorado Regional WECAN early childhood conference last week was held at Shepherd Valley Waldorf School after a BIG snow, the views of the mountains were incredible, and set the tone for a great day.  The theme was – The Protection Story – Developing stories that help a child feel safe in their world.  One method is to visually show a ‘shelter’ that encloses a character in a way that makes them feel protected. as though ‘held in the arms of a loving mother’.  We created hollow stump homes for mouse, with a view of the stars above, and a window to look out at the land….yet the house was sturdy and cozy, when filled with bits of moss and feather.  You can see from the photos that these mice will live well in their homes….adorned with flowers, mosses, mushrooms…..We had a good day…lots of laughter, conversation, and creativity from the 35 participants….we ended with a little try out of a tiny tale.  I have since heard from several who have already told stories with their creations, and how the children loved it.  One teacher brought the story to a board meeting, and softened the hearts for sure.

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notice the little snail crawling up to the top!