Puppets for Peace DayPosted by Suzanne, on September 29th, 2009

Puppets for World Change Section Puppets for World Change Institute is a training and research initiative developing how puppetry can bring healthy change to the world Projects under this umbrella are:

1. International Puppets for Peace Day Sept. 29 September 29 is the annual International Puppets for Peace Day founded by Juniper Tree Puppets – a day when we can all join forces and offer generous-hearted puppet shows around the world.
The idea was inspired by the “butterfly effect” – the scientific fact that when a butterfly flaps his wings in San Francisco, it changes the weather pattern in Singapore. Imagine hundreds and thousands of puppet shows occurring on the same day around the world. All this creative and healing intention will help change the world energy toward peaceful existence. The shows can be simple or complex, public events or at home and school. They can be presented for children or with children. The wish is that they are tales that honor different cultures, peace stories, fairy and folk tales, stories that lead the viewer to a transformation towards the good. These will be our “butterfly wings” that will alter negative world energies. It is a simple yet wonderful idea.

This is not a day for shows reflecting on strong political statements. It is a day for rejoicing in the possibilities of non-threatening, non-violent, uplifting, metamorphosing puppet action through the wisdom of story. Parents, teachers, storytellers, puppeteers, librarians, students, are all invited to join this day’s positive efforts. Please do check in with Puppets for World Change Institute at suzanne@junipertreepuppets.com to share what story you are doing, what kind of location, and any anecdotes about the experience, or for information.

We are gathering stories and inspiration to make available for others who wish to be a part of Puppets for Peace Day. 2. The Hope Puppet Project serving under-served and traumatized children- The Hope Puppet Project was formed to bring stories and puppets to under-served children. This work has its motivation and reward resting in the heart. It serves as a golden space where children in traumatic situations can enter a light filled world for a time. It gives them the hopeful picture of the wholeness of the human potential through the puppet pictures you bring. If you enter these situations on a long term basis, you can bring a more directed therapeutic impulse.

Some of the areas for this work are hospital bedside of the chronically ill and dying, homeless shelters and safe houses, centers for children of abuse. 3. Puppets Against Hunger – kids helping kids – Puppets Against Hunger is another project under the umbrella of the Puppets for World Change Institute. Even young grade school children can work on a story such as the traditional tale “Stone Soup”, where from a stone comes community involvement and enough food for all! When parents, teachers, schools, or puppeteers embrace World Hunger Day with puppet presentations and stories that reveal ways we can combat hunger in the world, a sense of community potential develops.

This is richly enhanced if a community comes to the puppet show and donates funds to help a local food bank, the salvation army, the Red Cross, an anti-poverty group.