Juniper Tree Puppets School of Puppetry and Arts

Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts developed out of many years of outreach teaching. We offer a variety of workshops, professional development courses, and weekend events. The focus of the school is a one year part-time,  3-part certificate training in Storytelling and Puppet Theater that consists of two 12 day summer intensives, and a spring 5 day concentration.   There are self-designed practical practice projects to work on through the year.

We are currently in an on-going training group.

New 3-Part Certificate Puppetry Training Begins Summer 2013 – Taking Applications Now

A New Certificate Puppetry Training series will begin July 2013 in Keene NH. Contact Suzanne for information package  - 


Coming Summer 2014 – New 3-part Certificate Puppetry Training Begins – Location: San Francisco