Speech Development in Children and Story ArtsPosted by Suzanne, on October 19th, 2009

I leave Wed. Oct. 21st for Milwaukee to teach a course in the Lifeways Early Childhood Training there. My part is open to all. The way speech and language arise in the child from the womb on is simply amazing and fascinating. We will look at the forming of the consonant and the vowel, and where the spiritual sources for these are. How do we support the most awesome process of acquiring language? One way is through the use of nursery rhymes and stories where the consonant is supreme. Our own story language quality, the alliteration, the clarity, the wonder, the repetition, and the intention all play a part in the support of the child’s speech forming. What is lifted language, and how do we mere mortals find that in our own speech. Using the visual art of puppetry gives a grounding to the language, especially through the archetypes of the movements and gestures we ensoul into our characters. Of course we will be making puppets and telling simple puppet tales with our most beautiful consonantal language…’There was an old woman lived under the hill, and if she’s not gone she lives there still’.