The Adventures of Old Gnome and Frog From the LogPosted by Suzanne, on August 31st, 2012

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The Adventures of Old Gnome and Frog From the Log

A bird flicks and splashes in a cool pool of water in the forest.

Old Gnome trudged along a path in a mossy woodland.  He  had

been walking all day and was getting tired.  It was at that 

moment that he spotted a rounded, hollow, bark house tucked

up against a fir tree.

‘This would make a good hiding spot to spend the night’, thought

Old Gnome as he walked closer to it.  ‘Hello, is anyone inside’ he 

called out.

‘I am,’ answered a voice from inside the shelter, and something little

 popped his head out the doorway.   ‘My name is Frog From The

Log’ said a small green frog.  ‘I was hopping and playing all day,

following the dapples of sunlight on the moss, but when the sun

began to set I saw I was lost!  So lost!  And who are you?’

‘I am Old Gnome of Willow Root and I am seeking adventure!  

Would you like company in the bark house tonight?  Then in the 

morning I will help you find your way home.’ said the kind gnome.

‘Yes, Yes,’ said the little green frog, ‘I would like that very much!’

So Old Gnome of Willow Root and Frog From The Log snuggled 

up in the bark house and slept warm, cozy, and safe.  Old Gnome

snored and little frog sang a sweet ribbit ribbit song as he dreamed.

In the morning Old Gnome found nearby berries for breakfast, and

little frog caught some flies to munch.  Then they were ready.

‘Hop on my shoulder little frog,’ said Old Gnome, ‘ and we will set off 

to see what we shall see.’

Frog sat on Old Gnome’s shoulder and off they went.  The way was

long and the path got quite narrow until it finally led to a branch that lay

across a very steep slope.  The branch was just like a bridge.  

Old gnome took one careful step, then another, and slowly started

making his way across the branch.  OOPS!  

He slipped and nearly fell off, but he held tight with his arms and 

pulled himself back onto the branch and walked on to the forest floor

on the other side.

‘Are you allright little frog,’ asked Old Gnome?  And he saw the little

frog had crawled into his big bushy beard, which had kept little frog

from falling off!

‘Well, well, we are fit as a fiddle and ready to go on,’ laughed Old Gnome.

Frog peeked out of the beard and decided to stay right there where he

was nestled so snugly.

Onward they went and Old Gnome started singing a tune.

‘Yo ho, yo ho

away I go,

adventuring along,  

just singing a song!’

That is when frog spotted a fox trotting along the path ahead.  ‘Old Gnome,

look there is a fox very near, and he sees us!  Oh no, he is 

coming right toward us!’  And the little frog hid deeper in the gnome’s beard.

Old Gnome looked around off the path and spotted a large mushroom

and ran to it.  They hid under it, and the kind mushroom bent low to hide

them even better.  The fox surely did not see them at all, and he ran

on further and further into the forest.

‘Well now,’ said Old Gnome, ‘what a good friend you are mushroom!

Thank you for helping us!’

‘Off we go again, as fit as a fiddle,’ said the gnome as he started singing

his tune again.

‘Yo ho, yo ho

away I go,

adventuring along,

just singing a song.’

On they went and soon, in the distance, they saw a farm yard.

‘Cock a Doodle Doo,’ cried a big red rooster strutting and pecking in 

the farm yard.  ‘Cock a Doodle Doo!’

Old Gnome wisely walked way behind the farm in the trees where they 

were not seen.  He did not want to meet up with Big Red!

It was there that they heard water running and they followed the sound.  

There was a bubbling brook which led them to a very nice pond full 

of lily pads.  In the middle of the pond was a log full of green frogs 

sunning themselves.  

Little green frog jumped up and down on Old Gnome’s shoulder.  ‘There!

There’s home at last,’ he happily shouted out.

Old Gnome set frog down by the pond and drank from the cool fresh

water himself.  ‘Here you are little frog, swim on out to your family.  I

will keep walking to see what I shall see, and I wonder what my next

adventure will be!’

Little frog kissed Old Gnome and started swimming out to the log.  When

the other frogs saw him, there was a chorus of frog song!

Old Gnome smiled, waved, and set off along the path.  The sun shone

brightly, the sky was blue, and Old Gnome sang his happy tune.

Yo ho, yo ho

away I go,

adventuring along,

just singing a song.

The End