The Animal’s AdventPosted by Suzanne, on December 13th, 2009

Today is the third Advent Sunday, the day to build on the mineral and plant kingdoms, adding the animal world. In children’s Christmas story for advent, the most beloved animal is the donkey that carries Mary. I have made many needle felted donkeys over the years (also use them in the Bremen Town Musicians!). Here is one I found online, with a site of beautiful needle felted animals… I thought you would enjoy being inspired by the artistry here.

I have enjoyed building my preschool Christmas creche with a continuing puppet story…each day adding a table puppet character to the ‘scene’. During the third week, it can include ideas such as a little mouse living in the straw in the manger, or a robin in the rafters, the barn cat, like my December newsletter story cat, Masha. I have an Advent Story Apron, with each day’s story ‘chapter’ sparked by something in a star pocket. The children take turns choosing a star pocket each day.

It is my style of Advent calendar!