The Art of Finger Puppet Theater /Vancouver BC workshop April 16/17 2011 – PHOTOSPosted by Suzanne, on February 24th, 2011

The Wisdom and Art of Finger Puppet Theater

Vancouver BC workshop April 16, 17 2011

Finger Puppet Theater for early childhood is a much overlooked goldmine.  Not only is it a simple theater style, easy for teachers and parents to create for their children, but children are simply delighted with the miniature worlds of imagination they create.  My instant stage is a piece of silk or soft cloth that I put over my arm and hand, then a puppet goes over the silk on my finger.  Voila, a world of color, my own physical hand is hidden, and a landscape arises to help the puppet tell it’s tale.  Simple, elegant, easy….

But behind the sweet story is a wealth of deeper wisdom.  When we enliven our hands and fingers with a story imagination, and use a finger puppet to make that imagination come to life, we stimulate the speech center in the brain in a meaningful way.  Our finger movements and gestures are connected to the speech center in the brain.  We ‘lift’ the language experience for the young child not only through our story voice, but through the awakened imagination in the finger play.

Join us for a weekend workshop to explore the creativity as well as the hidden meaning in Finger Puppet Theater.

cost – $145 plus $15 materials for puppet making.

contact for more information.

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