The Art of the Mother Rod Puppet – ‘Touched Into Being’Posted by Suzanne, on January 12th, 2011

Touched Into Being

The Mother Archetype and The Art of the Rod Puppet

San Diego Regional ECE Workshop

March 19, 20 2011

There is no deeper bond to a young child than the healthy connection of Mother/infant/child.  Healthy is the key word here.  Today, many moms are at a loss to know how to touch, hold, speak/sing to, and model a meaningful life for their young children.  In this professional development workshop we will explore how the Mother Rod Puppet can become a magical helper that offers children an experience of the presence of the archetype of the Mother.  In this workshop we will embrace the qualities and support such puppet work can bring to the foundational senses of the children in our care.  We will create a Mother Rod Puppet and her baby, and learn how to ensoul her so that she becomes a beloved and healing character to all.

workshop cost – $145 plus $15 materials

San Diego Contact Person and Registrar – Susan Starr – 619 460-0521