The Clover Children and Mother Earth – a sweet healing talePosted by Suzanne, on June 16th, 2012

                The Clover Children and Mother Earth

a sweet healing tale from the April 2012 Story Newsleetter


Story Theme – gentle lessons on life

My grandmother lived to be 100 years old.  She was an inspiration
in my life, and taught me to knit, crochet, pick blackberries and make
jam.  I would say, without a doubt, she had a life of good fortune!

I loved walking with her in a meadow, because she would find a four-leaf
clover each and every time we were near a clover patch!  It was always
a magical time when she showed me the four lovely leaves.  I grew up
undertanding how lucky they were.

This story is a little gentle healing story for children.  It is a whisper
of a therapeutic tale about diversity.  Perhaps tell it on a meadow walk!

Mother Earth and the Clover Children

It was a sunny blue sky day and all should have been well
down in the meadow, but it was all ‘a bustling’!

All the clover children were in an uproar.  ‘What is this growing
amongst us,’ they shouted, as they showed off their pretty three
green leaves in the sun!

For standing there, right in the midle of their patch of clover
grew one lone clover with four leaves!

‘i have never seen anything like this,’ they called to each other.
‘How odd and strange he is’.  And they talked together about
how ugly 4-leaf clover was!

The poor little 4-leaf clover heard what they were saying, and
drooped his leaves in sadness.  How very lonely he felt.
But there was nothing he could do because he grew this way.
Oh dear.

The clover children’s unkind talk spread through the land until
Mother Earth heard what was being said.  ‘Oh my, something
must be done to stop this naughty talk,’ she said.  So she put on her
spring shawl and set off to the clover patch.

When the clover children saw her coming they were so happy.  Surely
she would tell that ugly clover to leave the patch!  Imagine their
surprise when Mother Earth went straight to the sad little 4-leaf
clover and hugged him and kissed him right on top of his head!

‘I have been waiting a long time for you, dear 4-leaf,’ she said to him.
4-leaf stood straight and tall and his eyes were shining happily at
Mother Earth.  ‘Little 4-leaf, because you are so rare and special,
I give you the magic to bring good fortune to all who find you,’ said
Mother Earth with the sweetest of voices.

The 3-leaf children listened and bowed their heads.  They had not known
he was special, and they had been quite mean.  And because in
their hearts they were really kind little clovers, they leaned over and said,
‘4-leaf, you are the most special of us all  We are sorry for not seeing this

Mother Earth nodded.  All would now be well in the clover patch, so off
home she went.

From then on the 3-leaf children became friends with 4-leaf.  They all
showed off their lovely leaves in the sunlight.

One day, not too long after, a mother and her little boy were walking in
the meadow.  Oh how the clover all stood their most beautiful, for they
wanted the people to notice how lovely they were.  The little boy did
look at them with great interest.  Then his whole face smiled with delight
as he called his mother to come over.

“Look mama, I found a 4-leaf clover!”

Mother looked too, and said, ‘ yes, this is very special!  When you
find a 4-leaf  clover you will have good fortune in your life. You are a
lucky boy today!’

4-leaf was so happy, and because friendship is a wonderful gift, all the
3-leaf friends were happy for 4-leaf too.

All was well.  The sun shone on the clover patch all day,
and at night, the good stars in the sky watched over all in the land.  The
clover children slept peacefully in their clover patch in the meadow.

The End

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