The Healing Art of Solo Marionette Theater – workshopPosted by Suzanne, on March 19th, 2010

It is said that the  marionette is the best puppet type to portray the elegant fairy tale  stories.  Perhaps this is because these mystery tales portray the evolution of the human soul, and the marionette, especially the silk  marionette, depicts the human condition  with such grace and uprightness.  Standing there from head to toe, they walk, sit, sleep, sweep the floor, dance, climb cliffs, chop wood.  They can  portray most human movement with truth in their gesture.  They also can make the human inner life visible.  We can ‘ensoul’ them with qualities such as sympathy, antipathy, humor, joy, anger, greed, reverence, interest.

These wonderful puppets can also tell simpler tales, nursery rhymes, nature stories, and bring to life song and poem.  The upcoming Professional Development summer workshops for teachers, therapists, parents, and other enthusiasts, will focus on building skills to present solo shows that are simpler than the complex fairy tales, but include other fairy and folk tales that one person can do on their own.  We will also work with song and nursery rhymes, and sweet seasonal stories.  I love the marionettes, and realize for many they seem hard to use.  This workshop will prove them wrong, and all those who join us will leave the week jumping for joy, and ready to bring this healing art form to many children!  Scroll down to view the flyer!

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The Healing Art of

Solo Marionette Theater

A  5-Day Pro-D Course for ECE Teachers and Caregivers


August 2-6   Fair Oaks, CA

Join us to explore the healing and artistry of the Silk Marionette Theater.  This is the puppet we can ensoul to most represent the upright human being in gesture, movement, and soul qualities.  We will focus on developing skills in presenting beautiful, meaningful, and delightful Solo Shows of simple stories, songs, poems, and fairy tales.  We will take the ‘daunting’ out of this style of puppetry!  We will also dye silk, and create beautiful 5-string marionette characters that will move and gesture with ease.  We will work on manipulation exercises based on archetypes of physical movement, age ranges, character, temperament, and soul gesture.  Then we will put these skills towards developing our simple solo story presentations.  You will leave the week confident and enthusiastic about sharing marionette theater with children!

Suzanne Down, longtime Director of Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts

Cost $425 plus $50. materials fee, contact Suzanne for registration and further information