The Little Clay PotPosted by Suzanne, on September 3rd, 2009

Did a little show today called The Little Clay Pot…a russian version of ‘The Mitten’ story….theme of a clay pot that bumps off a farmer’s cart and lands in a field…one by one the animals come and find it, and live in it together in peace and harmony…I used these animals today, but any number and variety will do. I like my stories to end so all is well in the world, so when Grumbly Rumbly the Bear cannot fit inside,the pot, he does not break the pot…he merely rolls it away, and it rolls down the hill and lands in an even more beautiful meadow…the animal friends live there still and live well….you know the gist of it. I call this kind of story a ‘protection story’ – one where the children feel the character’s are enveloped in a safe space. Therefore, they too feel safe in the world. They also simply love the sweet tale, with each animal having such a fun name…i.e. the bear above.