The Power of LanguagePosted by Suzanne, on October 29th, 2009

My course in Milwaukee was wonderful, such a fabulous group of teachers! They had in-depth thoughts and questions, and observations which made the time all the richer. It simply amazes me how important the Mother is in the child development equation. 3/4 of the human brain is developed in the first year. When we add imagination and warmth to our storytelling voices, we literally help build stronger pathways to the speech centers of the brain….home to ‘understanding’ and certainly future powers of creative thought. Support the pregnant mothers you know… get them excited about nursery rhymes, lullabyes, and sweet melodic verse and song. The beings behind language are waiting for us to celebrate!

Here is a photo of a seasoned teacher telling a Japanese childrens verse about a girl, a bunny, and how it is that the bunny lives in the moon. She told it in Japanese… was lovely, lovely. Our focus was on creating simple lap theater and nursery rhymes to support the developing speech in young children.