The Wisdom Behind the Worker CharacterPosted by Suzanne, on January 13th, 2010

Coming soon is an early childhood puppetry workshop which is on a theme that is important to our times.  How can story characters that are the ‘doers’ of the tale bring a visual and moving portrayal of meaningful and purposeful work.  We live in a world culture where children rarely get the chance to see true work, the kind of activity where people are also deeply interested in what they are doing with their hands, heart, and actions.  It is important for children to see models of engaged will, to support and inform the healthy development of their  own beginnings of meaningful participation in the world.  Puppetry  is one way to provide these models of the sacredness of purpose.  Through the delight of the tale the children are drawn into the story content. Via the puppets, they absorb the gesture and inner quality of these ‘doing’ characters that are archetypes of the engagement of ethical will.  Here is a flyer of the workshop in California.

The Hidden Wisdom of the ‘Worker’ Character in Story

Workshop for Early Childhood Teachers and Parents

February 13          Sat. 9-5

7820 Lemon St.,   Fair Oaks, CA.  95628

woodsman #5

What is it that lives so wisely in the story characters that do meaningful work in the world?  How do their deeds impact our children’s developing moral sense through the powers of Will?

In this workshop we will explore these profound questions and more. What unites the fisherman, the woodcutter, the baker, the shoemaker, and the farmer in becoming living models of ethical life for the children?   We will work on understanding the value of the rhythmic gesture of these ‘doing’ characters.  Through discussion, demonstration, puppet making, and story scene presentations, the answers to these questions will come to light.  We will make wool roving worker puppets and find their true healing gesture in story.


Suzanne Down is Director of Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts, go to for full information about her work.

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Workshop cost – $85 plus $15. Materials