The Worker Character Workshop PhotosPosted by Suzanne, on March 15th, 2010

A few busy weeks ago, at the teacher’s conference in  Sacramento was so much fun.  It started off for me and a wonderful group of ECE  teachers,with my pre- conference  workshop on what wisdom lives in the characters that are the ‘doers’ in story.  Qualities such as ‘reliability, capability, interest, focus, skilled, reverence for the  materials, certainty, rhythmical,’ were some of the comments from the circle of participants to set the mood for our creations.  And what is it that the  children gain from observing these beloved workers of the tale.  They take in a modeling of healthy will and participation in purposeful work.  And we worked  and created characters that by now have told stories to children showing off all their abilities!!  They chopped wood, baked bread, went fishing, planted crops, harvested, swept the floor, knitted, milked cows, and more.  We all became artisan  workers!

Coming up soon is a workshop in Boulder, CO on March 27th, on the Incredible Story Egg – all about creating an array of really cool story vessels all from the shape of an egg…a cradle with a baby, a pond with a fish, a nest with baby birds.. join us!

Here are some photos from the workshop to enjoy.

our baker stirring the bowl

creating the farmer who harvests carrots

a fine farmer with his satchel full of carrots

the fisherman catching his dinner

trying them out!

the worker hands creating a worker character