Therapeutic Insights- Womb to Three YearsPosted by Suzanne, on April 17th, 2010

I have been researching the very early years of childhood for the last 15 years, through having my own preschool, parent-child programs, teaching in the Lifeways North America training for caregivers and parents, and becoming a presenter at  conferences on the first three years.  It became clear that this was THE most important time to lay down the foundations for a healthy life.  Thus the following in-depth pro-d week developed.  Truly, the therapeutic insights are what is needed in homes, childcare, preschool, and tot programs everywhere.  Read on to learn about this one of a kind training weeks.

Therapeutic Insights from

Womb to Three Years

A Pro-D 5-Day Course for Teachers, Therapists, Parents

Boulder, CO                                July 5-9

We can look at the time a child develops from womb to three years with awe and wonder.  Virtually all of the vital foundations for a meaningful life are formed in this time….or not!  What are the critical periods of this earliest childhood, and what  can we do to support their healthy development.  Join us for this 5 day pro-d, very practical week where we explore a therapeutic look at this very early child development.

¨The 3 Milestones –  Soul Moods of the Foundational Senses –  Training our Observational Eyes –  Therapeutic Movement –  Story and Puppetry in Support of Speech and Language Development –  Building Morality Through Meaningful Activity

Join Nancy Blanning and Suzanne Down for this Insightful Week

Nancy – Therapeutic Early Childhood Teacher Trainer, WECAN Board Member, 30 Years Teaching in Early Childhood

Suzanne – Director of Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts, Teacher Trainer in Lifeways North America,  Therapeutic Puppetry Pioneer, Experienced Early Years Teacher


Course cost $425 plus $50 materials

Contact Suzanne for info and registration at