Walkabout Tales – an immersion -April 2013Posted by Suzanne, on October 21st, 2012

Walkabout Tales

writing children’s story with the help of our nature muse…

Fair Oaks, CA   April 2-5 2013

I try to go on ‘walkabout’ every day, out in nature, taking in the details with my senses, and then I sit and write a children’s story. Who knows what invites the muse, but mine seems to enjoy this pathway in.
I am bringing ‘walk and write’ exercises to all my classes and workshops now….it has been amazing to see the stories flow out of people….

Usually we start with a little exercise such as;

As you are walking, pay attention to what you hear. After you sit to write, list 3 things that you heard that you were drawn to the most. Now write a story with those 3 things woven into the tale.

And like magic, with no thinking, just free writing, the stories arise and are beautiful.

If you stop and think about it we have unlimited imaginations, we walk the path of creative infinity.


Join us for a 3 and a half day immersion into the world of walkabout, where nature sparks your creativity, and through guided exercises, glorious and joyful stories will appear.  Story voice practice, story writing, and a look at how to get your stories published!

Fair Oaks, CA     April 2-5

cost – $300

contact suzanne@junipertreepuppets.com  for more details and registration

we take paypal, check, and cash  – payment plans are always available.