Welcome to the Juniper Tree Puppetry BlogPosted by Suzanne, on December 23rd, 2009

Welcome dear friends to the new Juniper Tree Puppets Blog and Website.  My site has been totally re-done and I am sure you will find it is just a simple click to find information about events, trainings, resource books, and to enjoy the blog posts and photos.  You can also sign up for the monthly story newsletter delivered to your inbox every month.  I love the fact that everything is in one place, and easy for you to use.

In addition to the new site, Christmas preparations and celebrations, I am working on a new outdoor puppet show. It is a puppet adaptation inspired by ‘The Three Little Men in the Woods”’ (Grimms) where I have altered it into a nice little Mother Earth story.  The original Grimms story is found here for your great pleasure.  I love combining the magic of story with the wonder of nature in winter.  I find the possibilities the natural story landscape gives us exciting and endless.  I have added some photos of the story, now you can add to that by imagining a candlelit path for the children to follow to the story land.  This creates a mood that opens hearts before we even begin.

On the subject of gnomes, I am working on a book called ‘Old Gnome Through the Year’.  There will be 12 stories of the adventures of a love-able old gnome, one for each month of the year.  They will come complete with puppet and prop making instructions.  I will let you all know when it is available to purchase.

As the next blog will be after Christmas, I wish you all a joyful holiday time with loved ones this deep winter time of family and community.