April 23, 2011 Workshop on the Incredible Story Egg!Posted by Suzanne, on February 11th, 2010

There is something magical and amazing about an egg.  That something living cracks out of a fragile shell  as a whole chick, penguin, bird… is a true miracle.    And life happens.  So the egg has an inner life, a growing of forces becoming Being.  The egg serves as protector.  In story, as in egg, we can also protect the inner life, this time of the growing forces of a child.  Perhaps even bring a metamorphosing element to it.  I have been developing ‘Protection Stories’ for years now.  Finding ‘story vessels’ that spark the imagination and also serve as a protective prop within the story.  Mouse finds his pumpkin house, sturdy and safe.  Hedgehog curls up in a welcoming tree stump.  Squirrel’s hole in the hollow tree, the old woman’s shoe where all her children live, the shell in the sea where little fish can hide from the big fish, are all pictures of these vessels that house a character in a safe environment.  The egg, is quite naturally another story vessel, just waiting for your stories.

The Incredible Story Egg

A Workshop for Early Childhood Teachers and Parents

Sat. April 23                                               10:00-3:00

4072 19th St.   Boulder Waldorf Kindergarten                              Boulder, CO


Join us for a day of exploring the creativity and story imaginations within the felted egg!  We will wet felt beautiful egg forms, and turn them into story vessels that sail the sea, plant a garden, rock a baby, house a little mouse, and other delightful story helpers!   The children will be delighted with your enchanting egg creations, and also the story that lives inside them!

Come for a day of renewal and skill building in the realm of story magic!

Suzanne Down is longtime Founder/Director of Juniper Tree School of Story and Puppetry Arts,  the early childhood specialists.  She has relocated to Colorado from British Columbia, and looks forward to developing wonderful opportunities for you to learn the art of the story.

Workshop fee is $60 plus $15 materials

Contact Suzanne for pre-registration and  information:   suzanne@junipertreepuppets.com

720 438-8344


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