Writing Stories Sparked from Your LifePosted by Suzanne, on November 22nd, 2009

I finished writing my story for Living Crafts Magazine’s spring issue 2010 today. Creating imaginations of spring while it is November is always a challenge. I came up with a story about a forgotten easter egg hidden in the hollow of a sturdy root of a great oak tree. So many of my stories come from a spark in real life. How many of you have found an old faded easter egg months after easter! Check out the magazine http://www.livingcraftsmagazine.com/
I have a fairly regular story crafting column in it.

My December newsletter story will be about a barn cat in the manger…it was inspired by my much loved cat Kittyo, who warmed my feet many winters curled up in my bed.

I know we all have story living in us. To help give you courage and skills in coaxing them out I am offering courses in writing children’s stories and getting them published! Keep checking my blog and do sign up for the free monthly story newsletter by emailing me at suzanne@junipertreepuppets.com . There will be a writing series in May in Boulder CO. and a full 5 day writing/ publishing/ puppet making/ storytelling course in late June – Boulder.
Email for info.

In the photo are my writing tools for writing in nature. To get you started today, here is a simple writing exercise. Go for a walk with pen and paper. Notice nature and the changes of the seasons. Look at the details in the landscape…is there a little elemental house? who lives there….write without thinking for 5 minutes…a story will topple out of you!