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A Halloween Tale - A Story for Early Childhood Teachers and Parents

A Tiny Halloween Tale

Story Theme – Redeeming Halloween
I often look at children’s book stores to see what is new. They put out special seasonal tables promoting storybooks for an upcoming holiday. I am too often disappointed by the selection. But when I find a story that warms my heart, I celebrate.

In case you haven’t found one you like, I offer my new story for your halloween telling. It is simple and sweet, about an approachable and kind little witch. It is a tiny story, like the witch herself. Her name is Willow, someone a child would like to visit and become friends with. I imagine her pleasant to look at, with warm eyes and heart.

Written as always for puppetry, I include a photo of my table top version of her. This could be told by a tree with open gnarly roots where she could live…. and of course it can be told in any pumpkin patch (needlefelted or otherwise)!



 A Halloween Wish

It is said that on a magical full moon Halloween night, the most heart felt wishes may come true….

There once lived a wee little witch named Willow. She was not an ordinary witch, but a kind and good witch. She lived alone in the roots of a hollow tree on the edge of a large garden.

It was Halloween, the busiest time of the year for all witches, good and bad. Willow Witch was working in her pumpkin patch.  There were pumpkins everywhere, big and small, round and tall.  She weeded and watered them, and took good care of them.  She worked until night fell, and as she stood up, she looked up and saw a big Harvest moon in the sky. She knew just what to do….

‘Oh I wish I had a child. I am a lonely little witch.  I would love her with all my heart!’

Then she closed her eyes tight and said…

I wish I may
I wish I might
Find a child to love
This Halloween night!

The wind began to blow. It blew through the pumpkin patch, whooosh
whooosh. Pumpkin leaves fluttered here and there. Then Willow heard
something, it was a small sweet sound coming from one of the pumpkins.
Willow went closer to have a look, and there, under the pumpkin leaf
was a child!

‘A child for me’, cried out Willow!! It looked just like her, so she knew it
must be true. “My wish came true! Hurray! Hurray!

Willow picked up the baby, held it close to her heart and sang,

‘Rock-a bye my baby,
From the pumpkin patch,
When the wind blew
I looked and found you!
My love for you is true and deep,
Rock-a-bye, it’s time for you to sleep.’

‘Happy Halloween,’ Willow called out into the night.


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