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A Resource Round-up of Puppet Silks/Gauze! A Good Resource to Keep and Add To!

Silk and Cotton Gauze

Silks and cotton gauzes for instant stages are a puppet's best friend.  I buy natural silk and dye them at an annual September dye day in my back yard.  Here are some exciting resources to browse through, look at photos, get excited about building your puppet silk and gauze collection

1. I make a 45" silk square  scarves which  is the one that I tuck in at the neck and cover me down to my toes.  Even one of these is often enough.  I dye in early   September - I can custom make one or more for you at that time.   email me They are dyed with natural dyes and over dyed many times to get the wonderful colors.   $50 each. no two are ever alike, but all are beautiful, and make a special 'instant stage' to use for years to come.

NOTE: I will be offering a Silk/Gauze Multicolor and Over-Dye Online Tutorial in Early September - Stay tuned!   If  interested email me


2. Dharma trading company is a good go-to silk source.  I buy china silk habit 44" silk scarves and dye them.

3.  Cotton gauze, shown dyed greeny-browns in the photo  at the top is delicate see through cloth also wonderful for finger puppet work, and for those veils that can cover a little lap finger puppet show.  Here is a link for ordering the natural scrim/gauze - all cotton.



Two great Canadian resources:

- anything you could ever need for dyeing your own fabric
- huge selection of natural and synthetic dyes, fabric, blanks, etc....
- they also have a Textile School where they offer several classes for dying your own fabric

G&S Dye
- anything you could ever need for dyeing your own fabric
- huge selection of synthetic and natural dyes, fabric, blanks, etc...




6. I found "Hans Natur" a good resource ( quality and price wise, less expensive than other ones:

115 cm equals 45 inches by the way. 
Cotton set of 10:

Plant-dyed silk (90 x90 cm) :


7. Renee Kitchen's silk dyeing is amazing.  She makes silk play landscapes which invite the imagination.  Her website for delicious browsing is HERE.  it is called Kitchen Dyeworks.  They make magical story landscapes too!


8. Wild Poppies Studio on Etsy has beautiful colors in silk up to 35" square - The seasons can be represented so beautifully with silk colors!  Click Here to feast your eyes.



Here is a dreamy collection of  magical cotton gauze for puppet staging.  Just gorgeous. CLICK HERE for inspiration!  Acorns and Twigs.  I drool a little whenever I look at her colors.



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