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Celebrate the Creative - Adventure Sticks and Tree Forts

Celebrate the Creative - Adventure Sticks and Tree Forts

Every nature journey has a story, and creating Adventure Sticks deepens the wonder and memory of it forever.  We set off looking for walking sticks, and brought with us yarn and wool roving.  When we found something that we liked, we wound it to our walking sticks with yarn or wool roving... thus an adventure stick. The process made the children look with new  eyes, and the decorating as creative activity engaged the group ages 4-10.

We went to our tree fort by the lake, an old cotton wood tree that must have been split by lightning making the tree arms inviting and very climbable.  there were 'rooms' for all, and a canopy of leaves for the roof.  We were hidden in our little world where no one could see us.... magical.  

We were delighted to discover a cluster of milk seed pods, like a private garden by the tree.... already looking forward to their Autumn fairies and winter's fairy cradles.... treasures of this wonderful plant.