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An Easter Surprise - poem story

Sometimes a jolly poem story is all you need for a delightful puppet show!  Here is one to tell alone or with puppets.  Make it a little fun with subtle exaggeration in the puppet movements.  This is how we can make humor visible.


An Easter Surprise

It was the night before Easter,
When all through the town,
The children were all sleeping,
But the rabbit gave a frown.
“There are no eggs, no eggs at all,
What will I do? Soon roosters call!”
The chickens heard, “oh sad, sad day,
We will have to lay, lay, lay.”
So many chickens gathered around,
To lay their eggs on hay covered ground.
“Cluck,” said the chickens, “cluck cluck cluck cluck”
“Oh,” said the rabbit, “we’re having good luck!”
For the eggs in the nests
Were certainly blessed,
With colors of the rainbow,
Red, yellow, green, blue,
And a pink one too!
The rabbit laughed and hopped away,
To bring the eggs for Easter day!

Happy Easter Dear Friends!

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