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Celebrate the Creative - A Child and His Pond - A Living Story World.

Green is the color of harmony, and to immerse oneself in the green of nature is very healing and balancing. So my grandson and I head out to take in nature as often as we can.  

The other day we went to a  small pond, pristine with new spring green reeds, peace, and filled with the sounds of red-winged blackbirds singing.  This pond had a little pond 'cove', shallow, clear, beckoning.  It did not take long for boots, and socks to come off, pants and sleeves rolled up, as my grandson felt at home immediately, wandering the waters, finding minnows, tadpoles, and dragonflies.... even a strider spider, that can walk really quickly on top of the water.  

Not far off  he found a big frog, and the two of them stood still communing, each curious of the other.  For a long time there was a timelessness, then splash!  and frog was gone.... but not too far away.  

I m

 I marveled as I watched a boy's relationship to his nature be like a story to enter and create with.  Full of magic, wonder, imagination, respect, joy.  Every childhood should have this.  



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