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Celebrate the Creative - A Child's First Finger Puppet Crafting!

I am working on a daily rhythm at home with my grandson who is 4, and part of our rhythm is all about puppetry!

So we are having fun with puppet story and crafting, amongst other creativities.'

Today he made his first finger puppet.... 'Red' who lives at the firehouse and helps the firemen.  

I loved watching his face as he concentrated to stitch and stitch all around the felt doggie pieces.  And when he was done and could put his finger inside and bring it to life, he was delighted with his accomplishment.  And then the stories began!

I guided him a little, but he was just so ready to sew him all up.  I  just sat at the table too, quietly sewing my own puppet, and watching in wonder as those wee hands that were so happy at work.

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