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Celebrate the Creative - Grass Dolly Puppets.

Early one sunny morning we walked to our nearby nature preserve to listen to the peepers.  We went on the far side of the pond where the reeds were full of red-winged blackbirds and found an old dock for a little picnic of little oranges.  I had brought binoculars to introduce my grandson on being a 'birder' proper.  The draw of bark boats in the water started to draw his interest, and soon the long grasses by the pond's edge started to become grass dolly puppets who could go boating on the bark boats.

And so travels a young child's incredibly agile and creative imagination.  I marvel at it.  

We brought long grasses home and made a family of grass dolly puppets, how instantly they can come to life!





Keep an eye out for a weekend course coming up on ways to inspire and encourage young children to DO puppet shows!  

Steiner said 'When a young child does puppet theater they will not fall in adolescence.'