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Celebrate the Creative - Pixies and Grandma

Often when I am visiting my mom. who is 95 years old, I bring a bag of wool and work on my orders.  We sit together, hang out, and gab.  For me, time is an issue, so I need to work on orders when I can.  But I have noticed how my mom enjoys watching something being created from nothing. The creative process expands out and envelops others with good energy. This is the same when we make things while in the space with our young children and grandchildren.  They soak in the inner and outer purposeful and wonderful activity of it all.  Today I made 2 pixies for an order while there, wrapping colors round and round, shaping, needling, and before long a magical being becomes.  Here are some photos of the progress. 




If you make two of these sweet pixies you can share a wee spring puppet show with young children with our poem below.  You can add a felted ladybug, or small painted stone ladybug if you wish!

Two Little Pixies
a poem story for puppetry
Two wee pixies called Zip and Zap,
Dressed in green with a pointy cap,
Lived in the moss of Great North Woods,
Nestled in roots where Tall Oak stood.
                                    Ladybug dropped by one fine day,
Calling her friends to come and play.
The three began to run and sing.
Ladybug fell and hurt her wing.
Zip and Zap made a soft, small nest,
Of thistle-down for her to rest.
Soon they were dancing in a ring,
Hurray, hurray, we love the spring!
 by Suzanne



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