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Celebrate the Creative - Summer Sun Shadow Shows!

Yesterday, we had a backyard picnic, as my grandson and I are still 'sheltering at home'.  I put my big umbrella on the ground to give us extra shade, quilt on the grass, and up he hopped to put on a shadow puppet show.  I am amazed at the creativity, powerful imaginations, spontaneity, and, ability to act on it all that young children have.

Note how the tree leaves add to to the landscape of the crocodile show.

We took turns back and forth giving puppet shows, and I have a feeling this will be a regular part of our summer fun.  I am imagining our puppets and props and colorful worlds we will create already!

You can do this too!



Keep an eye out for a weekend course coming this summer on ways to inspire and encourage young children to DO puppet shows!  

Steiner said 'When a young child does puppet theater they will not fall in adolescence.'