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'Celebrate The Creative' - The Magic of Dyeing With Young Children

During our pandemic days at home, my grandson and I spend a lot of time doing creative things.  One of the favorites right now is learning the joy, magic, and surprise of Tie Dyeing with small hands.  So many skills are practiced, cutting straight lines, pinning pattern to cloth, tying the pattern makers, the elastic bands, tight on the cloth, stirring the dye pot, watching the transformation from white to color.  Patience waiting for the dye to do its magic.  Rinsing, squeezing, rinsing, squeezing.  And just how hard is it to take that elastic off anyway!


Then the reward, of tenderly opening the cloth revealing the patterns made.  Is it a snowflake, a crystal?  Admiring the work, then hangin the cloth of from the corners to dry.  Big smiles.


We are making napkins.  tomorrow we will wash them with soap, rinse, dry, iron, and stitch the edges.  

Lots of color and fun, but behind the scenes a lot of practical life and seeing things through to the end. Good life lessons.


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