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Celebrate the Creative - Toddler Egg Dyeing

I love dyeing with a passion.  I mostly dye beautiful multicolored silks, wools, and wool felt... It makes my heart sing to watch the colors merge magically and become colors that never existed in the world before.

My little 4 yr old grandson loves to dye with me.  Last Easter Saturday when he was 3, we dyed eggs and watched the colors change and deepen as we moved the eggs from one dye pot to another color.  Imagine the wonder of colors changing like that!  We also found leaves and blossoms from nature and placed them on the wet eggs, wrapped them snugly in squares of bridal tulle, tied with rubber bands.  After they rested for a long time in the dye pots, we took off the tulle and pulled off the leaves and flowers, and what did we see?!!! The flowers held on the egg created a resist imprint!  

How much fun we had exploring egg dyeing. And that is a wonderful little story we can always share... 'remember when you were three and we did our first nature egg dyeing?'


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