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Early Childhood Puppetry Made Easy!

I have been hearing more and more from teachers and parents who have been experiencing overwhelm these last couple of years.  Covid has had a lot to do with that, as we all know.  I have also noticed the huge response when I offer simple, fun, do-able, short courses.  This has told me that many of you dear teachers and parents are wishing for more very do-able but still skill building and delightful programs.  Thus, I have come up with the perfect series of easy courses for you that will give you lots of support for your puppetry curriculum in your early childhood classrooms, and home-life. I am calling this NEW series 'Early Childhood Puppetry Made Easy'

These will consist of video tutorials for making puppets, a video demonstration of a puppet story using the same puppets, with simple guides and tips for doing your own joyful and meaningful  puppet shows which the children will love.

All this at SuperSale pricing.

I know very well from over 40 years of puppetry how young children relax and sink right into these simpler tales. In fact, they imitate them in their own puppet free play right away, when we have the materials available for them.  I was always struck by one of Steiner's rare gems about puppetry when he said, 'when a  young child does puppetry, he will not fall in adolescence.' 

Such a mysterious phrase, with many layers of meanings. One first thought is that when we do a puppet show we are creating order in a story world. This is something of a practice for children to help them later 'order' their own tumultuous adolescent years, so that in the end all is well in their world.  

Here is a schedule of 6 themes coming up in 2022.  They can be taken individually, and all at a sale price.  My hope is that many will find delight and confidence in these simpler courses, and more puppet shows will go out into the world for the children who need them more than ever!

The 'Early Childhood Puppetry Made Easy' Calendar of Events 2022

April 9 (new date, I was down with a nasty bug in march) - Mama Bird and baby in a Nest. click here for details


May - Busy busy bees  - simple outdoor puppetry

June - Needlefelting Fish puppet/puppet show - how to 

August - Fly, fly butterfly - Airy Finger Puppets

Oct - Autumn Leaf Children - come little leaf!

November - Jack Frost  Nips My Nose


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